Paul Polydorou is a London based, self-taught photographer who has been making photographs for nearly 40 years. His photographic roots of monochrome images and the importance of the finished print retain a strong influence on his work, using both film and digital formats.
Much of his work is from his extensive travels abroad, mostly in Asia.
Fine-art quality prints of his own work are available and he also offers an archival inkjet printing service for other peoples’ work.

More of his work may be viewed through his Blurb photo books : BLURB

Recent Publications & Exhibitions
Floating Light


Monks Yaks and Nomads
cover 2

Kyoto Journal : Article on Central Indian Tribes in issue KJ91.
Kyoto Journal article

Exhibitions at the Ice House in Holland Park, London.

2015 Travels East
Images from Turkey, Syria, Uzbekistan, Ladakh, Central Tribal India, Burma and Cambodia.

2017 Floating Light
This included some travel work from Japan and Europe and also some very early black & white work.

2018 Landscapes and Interiors

2018 Nature